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02 Mar

Is Your Purse A Danger Zone To Kids?

5 common products parents carry that can potentially harm children.

21 Oct

Cleaning Products and Lung Health

Nurses regularly exposed to disinfectants at work may be at increased risk of serious lung diseases.

07 Jun

How Many Microplastic Particles Do We Really Consume?

Men, women and children may be consuming tens of thousands of microplastic particles each year.

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CDC Urges All Americans to Wear Face Masks as Death Count Rises

The White House announced new guidance on Friday that urges all Americans to wear face coverings in public to curb the spread of COVID-19.

As President Donald Trump told the American public about the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendation during a coronavirus task force briefing, he noted he will not be following it, The New York Times reported.


CDC Urges All Americans to Wear Face Masks

The White House announced new guidance on Friday that urges all Americans to wear face coverings in public to curb the spread of COVID-19.

As President Donald Trump told the American public about the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendation during a coronavirus task force briefing, he noted he will not be following it, The New York Times reported.


Coronavirus Cases Hit 1 Million Worldwide, US Officials Urge Many Americans to Wear Face Masks

As the number of coronavirus cases worldwide swept past 1 million and the United States saw its death count rise beyond 6,200 on Friday, the Trump administration said it will announce new guidance that urges many Americans to wear face coverings to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The recommendation is believed to apply only to those who live in areas hard-hit by community transmission of...

With 3D Printer, N.Y. Hospital Converts Sleep Apnea Machines Into Ventilators

As COVID-19 pushes American hospitals to the breaking point, intensive care units are finding creative ways to deal with a looming shortage of lifesaving mechanical ventilators.

New York-Presbyterian Hospital last week began splitting single-use ventilators into machines that can serve two patients at a time. Now another New York-based hospital system, Northwell Health, has stepped up...

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Pass 200,000, as Jobless Claims Soar to 10 Million

As the number of U.S. coronavirus cases surged past 200,000 and deaths neared 5,000, the U.S. Labor Department reported Thursday morning that 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment in the past week.

For the second straight week, jobless claims have been record-setting, with the latest claims bringing the two-week total to 10 million, the New York Times reported.

FDA Pulls Heartburn Drug Zantac From Market

All versions of the heartburn drug Zantac (ranitidine) have been pulled from the U.S. market due to possible contamination with a probable cancer-causing chemical, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday.

This is the latest step in an ongoing investigation of N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) in ranitidine medications, the agency noted.

In some ranitidine products, ...

U.S. Coronavirus Death Toll Could Reach 240,000, Task Force Warns

The White House coronavirus task force delivered a tough statistic to Americans late Tuesday, warning that the U.S. death toll from COVID-19 could climb to 240,000, even with social distancing policies in place.

During a media briefing Tuesday evening, President Donald Trump warned citizens to brace for a "hell of a bad two weeks," the Associated Press reported.

"I wa...

Certain Health Conditions Up Risks for Severe COVID-19

New research suggests that having an underlying health condition might be one of the most significant risk factors for developing a severe case of COVID-19.

Scientists at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention took a look at a group of U.S. adult COVID-19 patients and found roughly three-quarters of those who wound up in the hospital had at least one underlying health iss...

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Top 163,000;  Death Count Set to Surpass China's Total

As U.S. coronavirus cases surged past 163,000 on Tuesday, Americans were told they may soon get a look at the statistical disease models that public officials have been using to urge more than 250 million people to stay at home.

The U.S. coronavirus death toll also edged past 3,000, close to surpassing China's death count of 3,305, the New York Times reported.

In New...

What You Should Know If Your Surgery Has Been Put on Hold

Thousands of elective and semi-elective surgeries -- including heart and chest operations -- are on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

If your heart or chest surgery has been postponed, Dr. Robbin Cohen and Dr. Elizabeth David of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons offer some advice.

"We especially don't want to turn postponed elective or semi-elective operations into emerge...

Another Coronavirus Health Threat: Too Few Asthma Inhalers

As hospitals give more and more COVID-19 patients albuterol to help them breathe, people with asthma may have a hard time getting an inhaler.

The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) said some areas of the United States are experiencing shortages of albuterol inhalers, and the shortage may spread.

But Dr. Michael Blaiss, exe...

AI Might Spot Which COVID-19 Patients Are at Risk of Severe Disease

An international team has designed a computer program that predicts with up to 80% accuracy which COVID-19 patients will develop serious respiratory disease.

Developed by U.S. and Chinese researchers, the artificial intelligence (AI) program has been tested at two hospitals in China with 53 patients who were diagnosed in January with COVID-19. The new tool is considered experiment...

Trump Extends Social Distancing to April 30 as COVID-19 Cases Surge

As U.S. coronavirus cases and deaths continue to rise, President Donald Trump on Sunday backed down on plans to re-open the country by Easter -- instead extending strict social distancing guidelines for the country to April 30.

By Monday morning, more than 141,000 COVID-19 cases had been reported nationwide, with almost 2,500 deaths, the New York Times reported.


What Dental Offices Are Doing to Prevent Coronavirus Infection?

Dentists, hygienists and other dental professionals are at high risk for work-related exposure to coronavirus, but they can take steps to protect themselves.

"We have really good ways to prescreen patients: by taking their temperature, asking them questions regarding travel in the last two weeks, asking how they're feeling and if they have flu-like symptoms," said Dr. Fotinos Panagako...

CDC Urges Residents of 3 States Near New York City to Cease Domestic Travel

In an unprecedented move, residents of the tri-state area around New York City -- New York, New Jersey and Connecticut -- are being urged by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to refrain from travel to other states over the next 14 days, to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Although coronavirus hotspots continue to emerge throughout the country, New York City remains ...

Trump Signs $2 Trillion Stimulus Bill Into Law, as U.S. Cases Pass 100,000

President Donald Trump signed a $2 trillion economic stimulus package into law on Friday, as U.S. coronavirus cases surged past 100,000 and the death toll passed 1,600.

The unprecedented legislation will send $1,200 to millions of Americans, including those earning up to $75,000, along with $500 per child. It will also give an additional 13 weeks in unemployment aid and a four-month e...

Construction Industry Respirator Masks Can Be Used by Health Care Workers: Study

As the coronavirus pandemic stresses the U.S. health care system, personal protective equipment -- including high-tech masks -- are in desperately short supply.

But a new study suggests an innovative solution: Reusable respirators typically used by construction or factory workers may be a viable alternative to disposable N95 respirators used by health care personnel.

The r...

U.S. Leads the World With Most Coronavirus Cases, House Passes $2 Trillion Stimulus Package

The United States passed China as the country with the most coronavirus cases in the world late Thursday, while the U.S. House on Friday approved a $2 trillion stimulus package to bolster America's sagging economy.

The bill now goes to President Donald Trump for his signature.

The unprecedented legislation will send $1,200 checks to many Americans, create a $367 billion loa...

Could Stroke Drug Help COVID-19 Patients Avoid Ventilators?

For people very sick with COVID-19, access to a mechanical ventilator can mean life or death. Trouble is, they're in short supply in the United Sates and around the world.

Now, research suggests that a widely used clot-busting stroke drug might help COVID-19 patients who can't access a ventilator or who fail to improve even when they do gain access.

The research focuses on ...

Senate Passes $2 Trillion Economic Aid Deal as Coronavirus Deaths Top 1,000

The U.S. Senate voted late Wednesday to pass a $2 trillion stimulus package to bolster the U.S. economy as the country's coronavirus death toll passed 1,000.

The unprecedented legislation will send $1,200 checks to many Americans, create a $367 billion loan program for small businesses and set up a $500 billion fund for industries, cities and states, the Washington Post reporte...

FDA Warns of Defective EpiPen Dangers

Certain types of EpiPens and their generic counterparts may fail or delay injection of lifesaving epinephrine for severe allergic reactions, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns.

Problems may occur in EpiPen 0.3 mg and EpiPen Jr 0.15 mg auto-injectors and authorized generic versions due to device malfunctions and user errors, according to the agency.

The devices may...

Could Robots Be Deployed to Front Line in Fighting COVID-19?

Robots can provide significant help in the fight against coronavirus, experts say.

Their uses include: patient care such as telemedicine and decontamination; logistics such as delivery and handling contaminated waste; monitoring compliance with voluntary quarantines, and helping people maintain social connections, according to a paper published March 25 in the journal Science Robot...

Agreement Reached on $2 Trillion Economic Aid Deal as U.S. Cases Pass 52,000

Senate leaders reached agreement early Wednesday on a $2 trillion stimulus package to bolster the U.S. economy as the country battles coronavirus.

The unprecedented legislation will send $1,200 checks to many Americans, create a $367 billion loan program for small businesses and set up a $500 billion fund for industries, cities and states, the Washington Post reported. Quick p...

A Third of Americans Ordered to Stay at Home; Summer Olympics Postponed for One Year

As the United States witnessed its deadliest day yet of the coronavirus pandemic on Monday, more than 100 million Americans -- nearly 1 in 3 -- have now been ordered by their state's governors to stay home.

More than 46,000 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed, with 100 new deaths reported on Monday alone, bringing the country's death toll to 541, CNN reported.

Also on ...

FDA Warns Americans to Beware of Fake COVID-19 Test Kits

Fake in-home test kits for coronavirus are being marketed in the United States and could pose serious health risks, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration says.

"We want to alert the American public that, at this time, the FDA has not authorized any test that is available to purchase for testing yourself at home for COVID-19," said FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn and Associate Commis...

National Guard Activated in 3 States as U.S. Coronavirus Cases Top 34,000

As the number of known U.S. coronavirus cases soared past 34,000 and the death count eclipsed 400 on Sunday, President Donald Trump approved disaster declarations for regions hit hardest by the pandemic, activating the National Guard in three states.

The declarations will bring supplies, medical stations and naval hospital ships to New York, Washington state and California, CNN

What Does a Self-Quarantine Look Like?

Many Americans are choosing -- or have been told -- to self-quarantine to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Doctors at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston break down what that is supposed to look like.

Isolation separates sick people from those who are not sick, while quarantine restricts the movement of people exposed to a contagious disease to monitor if t...

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Pass 26,000, With 1 in 4 Americans Under 'Shelter-in-Place'  Orders

As the number of U.S. coronavirus cases soared past 26,000 and the death count eclipsed 300 on Sunday, millions of Americans spent their first weekend under stay-at-home orders.

The huge spike in cases propelled the United States to a position no country would want: America has now overtaken Germany as the country with the fourth-highest number of cases, the Associated Press re...

As More States Clamp Down, 1 in 4 Americans Now Under 'Shelter in Place' Orders Due to Coronavirus

Governors in a total of five states -- California, Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey and New York -- have now advised residents to stay at home indefinitely as of Saturday, meaning that about one in every four Americans now lives under such "shelter in place" orders.

"I don't come to this decision easily," Illinois governor J.B Pritzker told residents in a Friday news briefing. "I f...

Californians, New Yorkers Ordered to Stay Home as State Department Warns Against All Foreign Travel

New York became the second state in 24 hours to order its residents to stay at home indefinitely on Friday, as the federal government warned Americans to avoid international travel and national coronavirus cases climbed past 13,000.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said during a White House briefing on Friday that the borders with Canada and Mexico will be closed to everyone...

Vaccine Myths Widespread on the Web, Especially Facebook: Study

Social media is rife with misinformation about the safety of vaccines, according to a new study.

Lead researcher Lucy Elkin's team found that false claims about vaccines are readily available on Google, Facebook and YouTube despite efforts to control access to misinformation through computer programming and policy changes.

Elkin is a doctoral candidate in the Department o...

Nearly 40% of Hospitalizations in U.S. COVID-19 Cases Involve Adults Under 55

As the battle against coronavirus continues in the United States, new government data suggests that every American, old and young, is at risk of severe illness.

Nearly 4 in every 10 cases requiring hospitalization involved people under the age of 55, according to a report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Researchers examined outcomes for the 4...

Trump Signs Massive Relief Package Into Law as U.S. Coronavirus Cases Reach 10,000

President Donald Trump signed an $850 billion coronavirus relief package into law late Wednesday, as the number of U.S. cases climbed past 10,000.

The package will provide sick leave, unemployment benefits and free coronavirus testing.

Even as the legislation became law, the drafting of $1 trillion economic stabilization package is also already underway. That package would s...

Vaping's Popularity Soars as New Data Points to Heart Risks

E-cigarette use is rising, putting more Americans at risk of blood vessel damage and heart disease, according to three new studies.

In the first study, researchers found that nearly 1 in 20 adults use e-cigarettes.

"Our study may have important public health implications and ramifications for educational strategies aimed at targeting various population segments to inform t...

The Most Effective Ways to Kill Coronavirus in Your Home

A number of home cleaning supplies may be effective against the new coronavirus, experts say.

"Not many scientific studies have asked which are the most effective disinfecting agents to use against [the new coronavirus] because it was discovered so recently," said Siobain Duffy, an associate professor of ecology at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J., with expertise in emerging ...

Coronavirus Cases Hit All 50 States, as U.S. Death Toll Tops 100

Coronavirus continued its insidious spread throughout America on Tuesday, as all 50 states reported cases and the death toll topped 100.

As the case count climbed past 6,000, the Trump administration pushed an $850 billion aid package that could include $1,000 checks sent to all Americans, to blunt the severity of a financial fallout from the coronavirus pandemic in this country, C...

New, Graphic Health Warnings Coming for U.S. Cigarette Packs

Graphic new health warnings must appear on cigarette packages and in cigarette ads beginning next year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says.

As of June 18, 2021, the 11 new warnings must be displayed prominently, filling the top half of cigarette packages on both front and back and at least 20% of the area at the top of ads.

The warnings include text and pho...

U.S. Exposure to Medical Radiation Drops Dramatically

There's been a large decrease in Americans' exposure to medical radiation, according to a new study.

Between 2006 and 2016, medical radiation exposure among U.S. patients fell by 20%, reversing a steep, quarter century-long rise.

The number of diagnostic and interventional radiology exams remained largely unchanged, even though the U.S. population jumped about 23 million...

New Coronavirus Guidelines Discourage Gatherings of 10 or More, San Francisco Orders 7 Million to Stay Home

The Trump Administration on Monday ramped up its coronavirus "social distancing" advisory to now discourage gatherings of 10 or more people.

Hours later, about 7 million people in the San Francisco Bay Area were ordered to shelter in their homes. Residents were instructed to only leave for "essential" reasons, such as going grocery shopping, going to the bank, using gas stations and g...

Avoiding Fear, Anxiety While You Self-Quarantine

If you self-quarantine or practice social distancing to prevent the spread of coronavirus, you might feel lonely, anxious or depressed.

But there are ways to cope, Northwestern University experts say.

"First, acknowledge that this is a stressful time and likely to bring up lots of emotions like fear and anxiety," said Judith Moskowitz, a professor of medical social sciences ...

New Coronavirus Guidelines Discourage Gatherings of 10 or More; Millions of Test Kits Coming

The Trump Administration on Monday ramped up its coronavirus "social distancing" advisory to now discourage gatherings of 10 or more people.

"This afternoon we're announcing new guidelines for every American to follow over the next 15 days," President Donald Trump said during an afternoon briefing.

In addition to advising against group gatherings of more than 10 people, Trum...

Poll Finds Many Americans Heeding Advice on Coronavirus

Coronavirus is changing the way Americans go about their daily lives, a new survey shows.

Conducted March 10-12, the survey of 2,400 U.S. residents found that public health recommendations about how to guard against infection are starting to be followed by many in this country.

Among the findings: 85% of respondents said they've been washing their hands or using hand san...

Soap vs. Coronavirus: Best Hand-Washing Tips for You and Your Kids

You've surely seen them many times -- those folks who scurry past the sink after using a public toilet or give their hands no more than a quick, soap-free rinse.

These days, that's risking public shame and disease. The rapid spread of coronavirus around the world has underscored the importance of washing your hands frequently and doing it right.

But what's the best way to scrub...

Young People Have No Idea How Much Nicotine They Vape: Study

Many U.S. teens and young adults have no idea much nicotine is in the vaping products they use, a new study says.

Researchers asked 445 17- to 24-year-olds in California about their tobacco and nicotine use, especially the use of pod-based e-cigarettes, such as Juul. The devices, which resemble computer thumb drives, consist of a plastic pod of nicotine-infused fluid that snaps into a...

U.S. Extends Bans on Foreign Travel; Trump's Coronavirus Test Comes Back Negative

In the latest on the coronavirus crisis, the Trump administration on Saturday expanded a 30-day ban on travel from Europe to include residents from the United Kingdom and Ireland, beginning late Monday.

And in a Saturday press conference, Vice President Mike Pence, head of the administration's coronavirus task force, hinted that restrictions on domestic travel in coronavirus hotspots...

Trump Declares Coronavirus a National Emergency, House Passes Relief Package

President Donald Trump on Friday took a step many political and health care experts have been urging him to do, declaring the U.S. coronavirus crisis a national emergency.

Hours later, the House passed a bill worked out with the Trump administration that will direct billions toward helping sick workers and steadying a faltering economy. The bill would allow for two weeks of paid sick ...

Kids Get Mild COVID-19 Symptoms, But Chance of Transmission High: Study

A new Chinese study of coronavirus infection in kids could bring comfort to American parents -- and highlight the wisdom of at least temporarily closing schools.

That's because the study, published March 13 in Nature Medicine, found that even though children typically only exhibit mild symptoms if infected, they can shed the coronavirus long after symptoms disappear.


Trump Declares Coronavirus a National Emergency as Crisis Changes Americans' Lives

President Donald Trump on Friday took a step many political and health care experts have long been urging him to do, declaring the U.S. coronavirus crisis a national emergency.

The announcement, nearly unprecedented in American history, immediately frees up more than $50 billion in federal funds to help states control the spread of COVID-19 before it overwhelms hospitals and health ca...

Trump Bans Travel From Most of Europe as WHO Declares Coronavirus a Pandemic

Hoping to curtail the spread of coronavirus to the United States, travel from most of Europe will be banned for 30 days, President Donald Trump announced Wednesday night.

The ban would apply only to foreign nationals who have been in what is known as the "Schengen Area" at any point for 14 days before their scheduled arrival to the United States, the Associated Press reported....

U.S. Blood Donors Needed in Face of COVID-19 Crisis

As concerns about the new coronavirus escalate, the American Red Cross urges healthy, eligible people to give blood or platelets to help prevent blood shortages.

"We're asking the American people to help keep the blood supply stable during this challenging time. As communities across the country prepare for this public health emergency, it's critical that plans include a readily avail...

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